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The Latin word ''Miguelangel'' originated from Renaissance, it means the ''innovation of humankind''. Miguelangel believes that the human body is the most beautiful creature in this world. In Bible, Miguel is the name of the head of angels. It implies the leadership, the most outstanding innovator in group of people. In history, Miguelangel is a glory of art himself. as art and Science as chemistry it is, Miguelangel Chemical Co., Ltd. will lead the market toward success with his natural gift from God!

Since in 2004, we are a professional organic chemical supplier with products mainly distributed to electronic and pharmaceutical industries.  With our strong background, we provide a complete outsourcing service to customers who need novel organic, specialty and customized chemicals.

With our experience in synthetic expertise, we can also offer the R&D technology, process research, lead-optimization, custom-synthesis and contract manufacturing.  Everything regarding sophisticated chemistry is under fast delivery, outstanding quality and competitive price.

Besides our own laboratory source in Taoyuan Taiwan and Shanghai China, we also have multiple partner relationships with local prestigious academic resources including National Taiwan University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Chiao-Tung University and Industrial Technology Research Institute, etc.  Various combination of collaborators for R&D sources, labs, production lines make us to grow strong and share the abundant work.