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  Business Scopes


Active Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Biotech Additive Products

Catalyst System
                     Precious Metal Catalyst and Catalyst with Ligand

Drug Discovery and Research

      Chiral Derivatives and Chiral Amino Acid
      Building Blocks
      Modified Pyrrole, Pyrrolidine, Pyridine, Quinoline, etc.
      Novel Compounds

Electronic Applications with Organic Intermediate Compounds

                     Organic Type Electronic Materials and Compounds

      Organic Luminescence Emitting Diodes (OLED)
      Polymer Luminescence Emitting Diodes (PLED)    Display Industry
      Liquid Crystal Chemicals (LC)
      Organometalic Complex Dyes
      Polyimide Applications
      Photoreaction and Photovoltaic Applied Chemicals
      O-TFT and O-semiconductor Materials
      Organic Solar Cell (DSSC and Polymer Type)