The collaboration with you is our Honor!                    The collaboration with you is our Honor!                The collaboration with you is our Honor!





Miguelangel Synthechem Corp. is a professional organic synthesis compound supplier. We realize that customers are always looking for a reliable collaborator to cooperate together for advanced chemical structures/molecules, even sometimes those compound can be extremely private and sensitive, Miguelangel Chemical offers a total solution of product services from small molecules/intermediates/bulks to worldwide companies about their specific requests.

The range of organic chemistry is broad but our focus is neat. Miguelangel Syn. Corp. is mainly designed for producers of Drug Discovery, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and new technological organic-related electronic materials for example OLED (Organic Luminescence Emitting Diodes), PLED (Polymer Luminescence Emitting Diodes), OPC (Organic PhotoConductor) and CD-R/DVD electronic dyes, or any other modified absorption absorbers, etc.

3 Reasons that you need Miguelangel Syn. Corp. to accompany you:

1) Innovation and NEW
Not only API drugs but also high-tech electronic materials, R&D scientists are always looking for new ideas and enlightenments to stimulate their thoughts, for example new structures and new combination of functional groups. Any useful hint may excite ther research and development group people's brain to result a new synthesis or new compound in order to bring out a new patent. Our product libraries can help customers for their study.

2) To Develop Your Ideal Compounds
After finished searching the entire internet or worldwide chemical directories, sometime you have to believe that there are still too many compounds that can not be found from anywhere. Although the world is small, the organic compound you need just does not show up. What we do is not to help you to search for chemicals. Instead, we synthesize them for you. We have plenty of experiences to synthesize difficult compounds which have no CAS# including those you never find from any supplier or see from any product brochure. If you come out an ideal structure, Miguelangel Syn. Corp. we will take care of it for you.

3) To Save Your Time & Work
For complicated chemicals, I believe any experienced organic chemist can synthesize it by herself/himself in the own laboratory. However, if such synthesis has to scale-up or enlarge to certain quantity, it will be a big challenge. Miguelangel Syn. Corp. is familiar in producing bulk fine chemicals from small to large. Moreover, if you decide not to synthesize such compounds by yourself, Miguelangel Syn. Corp. can help you to do it. Then, you may sit down to drink a cup of coffee and fully utilize your brain space for running other intellectual strategy. You will use your time and work more economically, efficiently and reduce the opportunity cost.

Additionally, Our partnership is broad, mainly in USA and Asiatic, Taiwan and Mainland China. If we are unable to offer the product from our site competively, we will go through our network to source/outsource the materials for you instead. We will definitely do the best to lead you into a qualitative chemical world with competitive prices. Afterward, you may find out that it is always easy to access what you expect in the chemistry market. Obviously, being successful will apparently bring you a fruitful enjoyment and happiness in your chemical career.

Please do not hesitate to contact Miguelangel Synthechem Corp. today.

The collaboration with you is our honor!